Farley Report: Legislative Session Ends This Week?

Is Sine Die around the corner? The latest from Rep. Steve Farley:

Howdy, Friends O'Farley…

Could they really be that foolhardy?

I know that is a question that may have entered your mind from time to time regarding the Governor and Legislative majority. And recent history has seemed to suggest an affirmative answer more often than not.

But their latest idea, if they carry it out, could well destroy our healthcare system and economy along with it.

We hear that Governor Brewer is trying to arrange a Sine Die — the final end of regular session — as early as this week. This normally would not be a bad thing because it would have the effect of killing a whole lot of really bad bills.

But this year, it would also have the effect of shutting down any efforts to restore KidsCare health insurance for 38,000 kids. Which would in turn have the effect of turning down the $7 billion a year we get from the Federal Government to provide AHCCCS health care to people in poverty.

That money goes to doctors, hospitals, and many