Patterson: Tucson Cyclists Hassled By The Man

Red Star directs us to TucsonVelo, where we learn that state Rep. Daniel Patterson's bill to let bicyclists treat stop signs like yield signs has a stick in the spokes. Patterson says Tucson cyclists are getting hassled by the man:

Patterson said the law would help cyclists around Arizona, but would be particularly useful to Tucson cyclists.

“It is particularly an issue in Tucson because Tucson Police continues to issue hundreds and hundreds of citations for frivolous stop-sign violations,” Patterson said. “The situation with police stopping and ticketing cyclists for stop sign violations is worse in Tucson than anywhere in the state by far.”

Patterson said they will introduce the bill again next year, but need more help form the cycling community to get it pushed though.

“If cyclists want this there is going to have to be an organized campaign,” Patterson said. “People are going to have to back us up.”