Jesse Kelly: "I Will Do Everything in My Power to Reverse Obamacare"

Echoing Sen. John McCain, Republican Jesse Kelly, who is one of four Republicans seeking to knock out Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona's Eighth Congressional District, vowed to fight to repeal the health-care legislation approved by Congress yesterday.

Kelly's statement:

“I am deeply disappointed that Representative Giffords has so blatantly voted against the majority of voters in her district. Her vote for a large, new federal health care entitlement will both increase deficit spending and restrict free market health care options available to residents of District 8. When I am in Congress, I will do everything in my power to reverse Obamacare and enact real free market solutions that truly increase competition and lower costs.”

Jesse supports market-based solutions to increase

competition. He will work to legalize the purchase of insurance across state lines and permit groups of individuals to pool together to negotiate the terms of their insurance coverage. Moreover, he advocates tax policies that encourage individual ownership of insurance coverage and increased use of health care savings accounts.

Jesse also supports real tort reform that would lower the cost of malpractice coverage through a cap on punitive damages. Tort reform will also lower costs by lessening the practice of defensive medicine.

“Rep. Giffords chose party loyalty over the residents of her district. My pledge to repeal the government takeover of health care will be a central theme of my campaign from now until November,” stated Kelly.