Writer's Block: George Hathaway Gardiner

We're introducing a new feature on The Range called Writer's Block. We will highlight local authors and their publications.

On the Winds of Time

by George Hathaway Gardiner

PublishAmerica, 113 pages, $19.95


On the Winds of Time is a collection of poems and stories from George Hathaway Gardiner's life. The stories are a combination of fiction and non-fiction. The first story is a true account of Gardiner's personal experience with the race horse Secretariat. Hathaway was a friend with the horse's owner and stood by as Secretariat won the Triple Crown.

Author Bio:
(Written by grandaughter Jessica Hathaway Gardiner)
What can I tell you about my grandfather? He has had a long and fascinating life that began on a farm, where he was left to be raised by his grandparents. When his grandfather died, he had nowhere to go and for a time was taken in and looked after by a group of women. Unknowingly, he was living in a brothel. He ran away when he found out that he was about to be put in an orphanage by the authorities. He became a farm hand and went to high school where he my grandmother at the age of 16. He became a radio DJ, got married, went to war, came home and went into real estate.

My grandfather is now the patriarch of a sizable and eclectic family. He is the person everyone goes to for advice or help. He has published several Western books, including The Second Death of Tom Pender and Johnny Behind the Deuce. His highly popular book on real estate, How I Sold a Million Dollars in Real Estate in One Year is still used for teaching purposes today. He also published an autobiography entitled It Was a Dinger. For many years, George has written a weekly column called "The Way I Heard It" for Nogales International newspaper. He has recently been called the Norman Rockwell of the literary world by one of his readers. George is 92 years old.

To conclude, I can tell you that George Hathaway Gardiner is a loving and devoted husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, uncle and friend. He is proud and romantic all at once: an ex-soldier who prays for peace; a cowboy who refuses to relinquish his boots; a lover of Arizona; a poet; a writer.