Tancredo Comes to Southern Arizona

Tom Tancredo, the former Colorado congressman who made headlines for his hard-line illegal-immigration policies, is coming to Southern Arizona—and it appears that just about every Republican in the region is set to share a stage with him.

Tancredo is the keynote speaker at the Southeastern Arizona Tea Party at the Sonoita Fairgrounds on Saturday, March 27.

Also on the bill at the shindig: Congressional candidates Jonathan Paton, Jesse Kelly, Brian Miller and Andy Goss; state Sen. Frank Antenori; state Reps. David Gowan and David Stevens; and a host of other GOP candidates.

The Huffington Post reports that Republican Dick Armey had some interesting things to say about Tancredo earlier this week:

For the second time in as many weeks, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey — who has become the corporate personification of the Tea Party movement — verbally smacked down former Rep. Tom Tancredo, another Tea Party fixture, for his unsympathetic views on immigration reform.

Speaking at the National Press Club on Monday, Armey called the Colorado Republican a "destructive" force on the Republican Party and claimed that, as Majority Leader, he made sure that