Slashing The State: The GOP Budget Plan for Arizona Emerges

Republican state lawmakers were finally releasing details of their spending plan for the upcoming year earlier this week—and, to no great surprise, the proposals are brutal to anyone who cares about the citizens of the state.

Among the lowlights:

• All-day kindergarten is gone.

• KidsCare, the program that provides health insurance to children in households below 200 percent of the federal poverty line, is gone. That means we’ll lose a lot of federal dollars that come into the state because the feds provide a 3-1 match for the program.

• Healthy Arizona, the program that provides health insurance to people below the federal poverty level, is gone, with eligibility rolled back to one-third of the federal poverty level. If you’re a single mom with two kids making more than roughly $6,100 a year, you will no longer qualify for state-subsidized health insurance.

Even the Arizona Chamber of Commerce is against that one. Executive Director Glenn Hamer—a former executive director of Arizona Republican Party—says the move is just plain foolish.

“If you’re taking 300,000 people off of health insurance,