Know Your Product - Mourn

Much like their native Catalonia, indie rock band Mourn are anxious to break free. Whether it's from the binds of record deals, societal constraints or typical song structures, with their newest album, Sorpresa Familia, Mourn breaks free and revels in the noisy catharsis.

Difficulties with their previous label and youthful woes synthesize into some wonderfully anxious indie rock. Mourn sings about tearing off your flesh and becoming a skeleton, lying about everything being fine, and so on. The angular, post-punk guitars aren’t repetitive to the point of annoyance, however. Mourn takes their time to enjoy the atmospheric beauty of transitional tracks before diving back into aggressive punk anthems. But their anger never gets in the way of technical playing or diverse song structures.

Catch Mourn playing at the Valley Bar. 7:30 p.m., Thursday, July 26. $12 - 14. 16+.

Carla: Daniel Caesar Freudian
I recently discovered Daniel Caesar, a Canadian R&B singer with an amazing, hypnotizing deep voice. The whole album flows perfectly, its quiet vibe is pleasant. Lately, I've been paying extra attention to songwriters that write in a honest way. People that you can really tell they're writing from their heart, people that open themselves to you. That while they do it, in a way, they discover themselves more. This album brings me exactly that: honesty, peace and deep sounds.

Leia: Berri Txarrak Jaio. Musika. Hil
Berri Txarrak is my favorite band since 2016, I think. And "Jaio. Music. Hil" is for me their best album. Every single song is a hit and I think that this album resumes how the band is and how they work together.

Jazz: Chris Bell I am the Cosmos

This album is so emotionally intense and honest. I like the way it makes me feel when I listen to it.  Musically it is very interesting. It keeps your brain active because of all the details and structures. Also, the melodies are very beautiful.

Antonio: Engine Down Demure

This album shows a great level of instrumental technicality. I think it is a hugely underrated album even in the underground scene. It has a beautiful and great vibe of pain and affliction.