Not a Mere Weekly

We set what I believe is a Tucson Weekly record last Thursday (Feb. 25) for the most blog entries posted in one day on The Range: The Tucson Weekly's Old Pueblog.

On that one day alone, we published 21 entries, ranging from silly stuff (a brief on Fox News incorrectly—we think—identifying J.D. Hayworth as a former congresswoman) to timely items (breaking news about Pima County attempting to slow down a proposed northwest-side landfill, plus pics and video from the Tucson Rodeo Parade) to arts information (Artistic Range info on artists Kate Breakey and David Kish, plus the Maxed Art 27/6 project).

We're called the Tucson Weekly, yes, but online, we're now very much a daily publication.

• In other news: In a month or so, we'll open the polls for Best of Tucson® voting. But before we do, we could use your help.

We're looking for suggestions on new and better categories. If you have any thoughts, let me know; if you want to peruse last year's slate of categories, go to

A hint about category suggestions: If a fairly wide swath of our readers can't vote knowledgeably, the category won't work. That's why we don't have categories like, say, Best Dentist or Best Apartment Complex: Most readers don't generally visit multiple dentists or multiple apartment complexes, so they can't cast anything resembling an informed vote in such categories.

Please send me those suggestions ASAP; all ideas are appreciated. Look for Best of Tucson® balloting to start on April 8.