Dog of the Day: Poppy


Poppy is among the dogs that the folks at Cold Wet Noses are trying to find a home for.

Here's what Poppy has to say at

Hi, my name is Poppy—isn't that all you need to know? I'm the most adorable, lovable, little pit bull terrier mix you've ever seen. Remember that "terrier" is the key word here—people forget that sometimes. I'm between 12 and 18 months old, barely 40 pounds, and have the most adorable little underbite—I'll lick you all day if you give me a chance. I'm super smart and know how to sit,

and lay down and stay, and I'm very polite about barking only when there's a good reason.

I'm house trained and have the run of the house and only chew on my rawhides and toys. I would prefer a doggy playmate or a very active family or even a couch potato will be fine if I can hang out in your lap and you take me to the dog park and watch me play every day. I've got a cute little limp that doesn't slow me down at all—it just gets me lots of sympathy from strangers (especially girls if you guys are looking for a babe magnet for the park!). My foster mom found me wandering the streets making friends all over but wants me to have a forever home so she can go rescue another sweetie like me. I had a rough life before then, even had a litter of pups at a very young age and I deserve a more pampered lifestyle for the future! I'm great with all dogs. I'll even give up my food to a chihuahua, and I don't have an ounce of aggression over food or bones or anything. Unfortunately I can't say the same about cats so if you love your cat you better skip me.

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