Editor's Note

Buy an Election

We love both animals and tattoos here at the Tucson Weekly, so we're thrilled to announce our latest competition, Tatts for Tails, in partnership with the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

Here's the deal: You show off your pet-inspired tattoo and then campaign for votes. With the most votes, you win big prizes!

Just how big are these prizes? First place wins you two JetBlue Airlines roundtrip tickets to any domestic location, along with a $100 Target gift card, a $100 Buffalo Exchange and a Road Tripper 400-liter REI duffel bag. Plus, we'll feature your tattoo in the pages of Tucson Weekly. Second place brings home a $75 Buffalo Exchange gift certificate along with a $50 Cans Deli gift certificate and a $50 Target gift card. And the third-place winner will take home a $50 Buffalo Exchange gift certificate, a $25 Cans Deli gift certificate and a $25 Target gift card.

So how do you win these prizes? The first step is uploading a photo of your 'tacular tat to www.hssaz.org/tattoo. It will set you back $10, but that's a small price to pay when you consider the payoff of a JetBlue roundtrip. And then you campaign for office with the tried-and-true strategy of buying votes. You, your family and your friends can vote for your tat as many times as y'all want—but each vote costs one buck and you've got to buy them by Tuesday, July 17. All proceeds from this exercise in quasi-democracy will benefit the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, so the cause is just. Vote early and vote often. And maybe this is just the incentive you need to get a tattoo.

Highlights from this week's issue: Arts writer Margaret Regan turns her gaze to the Tucson's Museum of Art's Arizona Biennial; intern Kathleen B. Kunz looks at the seeds of political organization on the Tohono O'odham Nation; theater writer Sherilyn Forrester lends an ear to Invisible Theatre's Sizzling Summer Sounds series; film critic Bob Grimm has big praise for the tiny Ant-Man and the Wasp; MMJ columnist Nick Meyers smokes out the latest on the legal tangle involving marijuana extracts; and there's a whole bunch more, so sink in.

See you and your tattoos next week!


Jim Nintzel

Executive Editor

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