Butts! Oh Dear...


Some people call it advertising and others call it soft-core porn, either way American Apparel hasn't made best friends with feminists who've always questioned AA's owner Dov Charney's nasty, slimy approach to marketing his political feel-good T-shirts and such. Besides the ad images, Charney has been accused of sexual harassment by former employees. No shocker there.

Just to continue to prove how slimy he is, however, Charney's on a hunt for new models by asking women to put photos of their backends online to be scored and commented on - the Best Bottom in the World competition. Visit here, and remember: NOT FOR WORK. Actually, I think its fine to put up pictures of a bunch of different butts. But to be fair, the man needs to put up some men's butts, too.

Of course, there's a petition against it. If anything they should be fighting that in the end the winner only makes $300, which kind of smacks like sweatshop change.