And Here We Thought Lawmakers Might Have Made Just a Little Progress

Rep. Frank Antenori, in between attempting to make life miserable for poor people who want state-subsidized health insurance and trying to make life more difficult for divorcing couples, has now figured out a way to screw up the May sales tax election:

Howie explains:

A maneuver by a Tucson lawmaker to force legislative approval of more business tax cuts could scuttle an agreement to finally balance this year's state budget.

The final piece of a $1.2 billion budget fix was to delay $450 million in payments to schools and universities.

The Senate approved delaying the payments last week, and the House did likewise Wednesday. But the House added the condition that it would go along only if the Senate agreed to major tax cuts next year—a condition that has been declared unacceptable to the Senate.

The stalemate could endanger plans for a May 18 special election to see if voters are willing to raise the state sales tax by a penny per dollar, an election some Republican legislators never wanted in the first place.