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This Week's Unrelated Videos

As we've said before, one great thing about YouTube is you can find live performances of just about any band. Thanks to the advancements in technology since bootlegs had a bad name, anyone can put together a DIY decent video of a live show (assuming it's OK with the band first). Most bands don't mind this, because a) it shows they have fans, and b) they can recognize free publicity when they see it.

This week's first video, shot by intern Will Ferguson, is of the band the Ghost of 505, which played last weekend at Plush.

If you're a regular viewer of the music-related videos on TucsonWeeklyTV, you'll notice that this video is a little more dynamic than some others we've posted, mainly because we've discovered "editing" and "vantage points." (Also, we watched Stop Making Sense this weekend. Watch out, Jonathan Demme.)

Shifting gears a bit, our next video, shot by Mari Herreras, is a clip from last Saturday's Rainbow Keshet Awards Ceremony, held at Temple Emanu-El. State Rep. Matt Heinz, a District 29 Democrat, spoke about the importance of voting and on being one of five openly gay members of the Arizona Legislature. Check our Pride section for more information.

This is the first presentation of the awards, which went to local community activists and leaders who have made a difference in the Tucson LGBT community and who exemplify the Jewish value of charity and social justice.


Earlier this month, we posted the latest video in our Explainer series about the effectiveness of red-light cameras.

What's the Explainer series? Let me explain. The main advantage of supplementing a story with video is you get to a) add new information (pictures, video) that didn't make it into the story, and b) summarize the important points of the story. Our thinking is that if we can't show you what's going on in a minute or less, your pizza is free.

Previous Explainer videos have shed light on the recent changes at Solar Culture and at the Coronado Hotel. You can find a playlist of all our videos at TucsonWeeklyTV.com.


"The movie was absolutely horrendous. Vampires do not sparkle in the sunlight; they disintegrate for (one thing). This movie really annoyed me."

TucsonWeekly.com user "dewaholic," in response to our archive review of Twilight ("The Moping Undead," Cinema Nov. 28, 2008).


It was a busy week in Arizona politics, with Jim Nintzel reporting that John McCain would be facing former Congressman J.D. Hayworth in a GOP primary; that former Arizona assistant attorney general Vince Rabago joined state Rep. David Lujan and former assistant AG Felecia Rotellini in the Democratic primary for attorney general; and that lots of news broke regarding campaign finance at the state and federal level. You'll find more details and analysis in this week's dead-tree edition.

Nintzel also revealed that the Interior Department's Office of Inspector General had serious concerns regarding possible criminal misconduct involved with the Arizona Game and Fish Department's capture of Macho B, the last known living jaguar in the United States.

Meanwhile, Mari Herreras broke the news that a former manager of McClintock's, the restaurant at Stephen Phinny's troubled Saguaro Ranch development, has claimed in a deposition that members of the Marana Town Council, along with Town Manager Gilbert Davidson, have enjoyed thousands of dollars of free meals on Phinny's dime. You can read more in The Skinny.

Meanwhile, Adam Borowitz brought us the news that chef Miciah Beard of Bob's Steak and Chop House at Omni Tucson National Resort took home the title of Iron Chef Tucson 2010. Borowitz also let us know that the Travel Channel is coming to town for a Sonoran hot dog smackdown between El Güero Canelo and BK.

Finally, John deDios of the UA Journalism Department pointed readers in the direction of The New York Times, which published a story by recent UA journalism grad Stephen Ceasar on the uptick in Chinese immigrants illegally crossing the Mexico-Arizona border.