Farley Report: "The Attack On Arizona Teachers Continues"

The latest bulletin from Rep. Steve Farley:

Howdy, Friends O'Farley…

It's been a quiet week in State Wobegon...

Actually, it has been anything but a quiet week. More legislators are declaring their intentions to run for more offices, committees are pumping out some really suspect bills, House Republicans are trotting out their corporate-bailout deficit-expansion package, teachers and historic neighborhoods are under attack, rumors of yet another Special Session are in the air, and the Republicans are still not willing to work with Democrats on budget solutions.

But there is some good news.

First, one of the best U.S. Transportation Secretaries we have ever had, Ray LaHood, put in to effect today a ban on driving while texting for all interstate truck and bus drivers. Violators will be fined $2,750, so our roads will be a little safer as of today. I will fill you in on our latest efforts to ban DWT in AZ in a couple of weeks.

Second, in even better news, the efforts of the payday lending industry to stave off their imminent demise have failed