Brewer Budget: There Will Be Blood

We forecast in this week’s Skinny that Gov. Jan Brewer’s proposed budget cuts would be brutal.

We were right.

Gov. Jan Brewers budget proposal: Goodbye to all that
  • Gov. Jan Brewer's budget proposal: Goodbye to all that
We’ve gotten our first look at the governor's budget proposal.

The grim news: Even with a one-cent sales-tax increase, state government is going to decimated.

We’ll have more analysis and reaction soon, but here are some highlights:

In FY 10—the current fiscal year that ends in June—Brewer wants to cut $92 million. In FY 2011, which starts in July, Brewer wants to cut $1.159 billion.

All-day kindergarten is gone.

Programs for gifted students are gone.

AIMS intervention programs are gone.

Early education block grants are gone.

Vocational education block grants are gone.

Support for teacher training is gone.

Money for school repairs is gone.

Additional assistance for charter schools is gone.

Support for universities will drop from $9,480 per pupil to $7,100, with state funding at the 2006 level.

Support for community college will drop the 2006 level.

KidsCare, which provides health-care insurance for 46,800 children, is gone.

Health-care insurance for low-income Arizonans will be cut back.

The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections will be shut down completely, with responsibility for juvenile inmates transferred to the counties.

State employees are looking at 5 percent pay cuts.

Programs for the mentally ill are gone.

Support for grandparents caring for their grandkids is gone.

Programs that support the developmentally disabled are gone.

More to come.