Morrison Institute: The Consequences of Cutting AHCCCS

In her State of the State address, Gov. Jan Brewer called on voters to strip low-income Arizonans of state-subsidized health insurance. In 2000, voters expanded coverage to people who earn up to the federal poverty level, which is $18,310 for a family of three—say, a single mom with two kids. Previously, the state only provided insurance to people who were at 33 percent of the federal poverty level.

But taking away insurance doesn't mean people will stop getting sick. ASU's Morrison Institute notes that without health insurance, more people will end up in emergency rooms, which will mean more losses for hospitals and longer waits for emergency care.

Check out the report yourself here.

Here's the release from Morrison:

Recent and proposed budget cuts to the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment Systems, the state’s version of Medicaid, could hurt hospitals and patient care throughout the state, especially in handling emergency cases for individuals without insurance.

Among the cuts — totaling $67.7 million when factoring in the loss in federal matching dollars — is $7.8 million in state aid to Arizona hospitals that serve