Police Dispatch



DEC. 19, 11:43 P.M.

A volatile man attacked deputies with everything he had, including his teeth, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies arrived at the subject's trailer, where they met with his girlfriend. She told deputies the two had been casually playing dominoes when, all of a sudden, he became irate and poured beer all over her.

Deputies located the male; at first, he was calm and acted innocent. Once in handcuffs, however, he began screaming at the top of his lungs, kicking and swinging, and threatening to sue. "Fuck you, you fucking pigs!" he repeated, along with, "Bitches!" and, "Assholes!"

After the subject head-butted a deputy, the deputy wrestled him to the ground—and soon felt a burning sensation in his left big toe. Looking down, he saw the subject had sunk his teeth almost clear through the deputy's leather boot. It took the deputy many kicks and much force to release his foot from the subject's mouth.

The same deputy visited the subject later in the hospital, where he was being held after repeatedly banging his head on a patrol-vehicle window. The man was calm but acted indignant about the scuffle, describing being kicked, punched, elbowed and full-on attacked by deputies. It was not the first time "that county had beat him up for no reason," as he put it. "They must have been overzealous rookies."

At this point, the deputy realized the subject did not know him as one of the deputies the subject was saying had attacked him. The subject's girlfriend said he had not taken his "psyche meds" that day.



DEC. 14, 7:25 A.M.

A man received death threats after not paying money to an alleged sweepstakes company, a PCSD report stated.

The 70-year-old reportee said people had been calling all week saying they were from "Winner International," and that he had won a significant amount of money and prizes. All he had to do was send $8,000 to an address in Lynwood, Ill., and to another place in South Carolina.

That morning, when the supposed company called again, the reportee stated, he told the person he would have to verify information with the bank and IRS before he sent any money. At that point, the caller reportedly threatened to kill him.

He said he received eight or nine more threatening calls that morning from the same people (although they eventually reduced the amount of money he was supposed to pay to $250).

Deputies called the number on the caller ID and reached a male with a heavy Jamaican accent who initially claimed to be a police officer. Upon further questioning, the man hung up.