The Opinion Shuffle

Some informational tidbits ...

• Thanks to the readers who took the time to submit Get Out of Town! nominees. You can see the readers' choice dishonorees for which we had room on Page 22, at the end of our Get Out of Town! package.

• You'll see that we've shuffled some things around in the dead-tree-version Opinion section this week.

Don't worry; all of the columns and cartoons you love (and/or hate) are still there. We made the changes in order to give us more flexibility regarding Mailbag, our letters-to-the-editor section.

Ever since we started allowing comments on stories at earlier this year, the number of online comments we receive has steadily been on the rise. On the flip side, the number of letters to the editor we've received has slowly but steadily decreased.

The new Opinion configuration allows us to run anywhere from zero letters (the case this week) to, well, as many letters as we want. You're still welcome—encouraged, even—to send in letters for the Mailbag section, just as you're welcome to comment at

Thanks for the understanding!

• Finally, if you're somehow responsible for a New Year's event that you have not yet informed us about, well, we have some good news, and we have some bad news.

The bad news: Your event will not be listed in next week's big ol' New Year's Guide. Sorry; deadlines, y'know.

The good news: Your event can still be shoehorned into our Dec. 31 issue's special New Year's pages. However, the deadline for that issue—noon on Monday, Dec. 21—is almost here, so send that info now to Hurry!