Happy Republicans

Remember the somber funerary atmosphere of the GOP party at Manning House last year?

Well, it seems the local Republicans have had a year to heal, or maybe all that tea-bagging has renewed their Lincoln spirit. This year, the Pima County Republican Party is having a grand ol' time at Chuy's on Tanque Verde. According to my finger and a quick head count, there are almost 300 people milling about.

Chair Bob Westerman is emcee for the night, passing the microphone to the likes of Tim Bee, Frank Antenori and Trent Humphries. Elections results are coming in right now on a big-screen TV, and while Prop 200 seems headed for defeat the room was full of smiles and cheer seeing Steve Kozachik in a early-ballot lead against Nina Trasoff.

The night is young, folks, and we'll have more to come. Until then, I'm keeping an eye out for the Republican gentleman who keeps feeling up our interns. They are working, GOP peeps. I know this is a happy time, but hands off.