Yet Another Stupid Argument in Favor of Prop 200

Generally, I avoid the comments on StarNet stories because most of them are made by morons who have no idea what they're talking about.

Here's an example: I was looking at some of the recent stories about Prop 200 and came across this gem by "James O. (oienjmo)," who suggested a long list of cuts that could be made to fund police and fire. Never mind that the grand total of everything that he lists comes out to—well, I'm not going to do the exact math because it would be a waste of time. But near as I can tell, it's less than $10 million a year, which isn't much when you consider that Prop 200 would cost an estimated $63 million a year.

Anyways, that's not my point. The thing I found amusing is that James O. included in his list a $14,922 contribution to 88-Crime. Yes, that's right: He wants to fund cops by cutting a program that helps people report on criminals. Genius!

The rest of James O.'s list, after the jump:

This is how we will fund Police and Fire.
Government was not made to provide every service, that's where private enterprise comes in.

$621,900.00 TPAC
$38,000.00 Tucson Bot. Gardens
$61,000.00 Tucson Art Museum
$33,000.00 Childrens Art Museum
$758,740.00 Access Tucson
$244,600.00 Civic events
$700,000.00+ Toilet rebates
$64,000.00 Pro Neighborhood
$10,000.00 Art tours
$1,470,650.00 TREO
$14,420.00 Tucson Sister Cities Assoc.
$10,818.00 El Centro Culteral de las Americas
$63,756.00 Metropolitan Education Commissuion
$46,575.00 PimaCo/Tucson Women's Commission
$16,227.00 Humane Society
$49,347.00 Community Mediation Services
$27,000.00 Tucson Pops Orchestra
$558,000.00 Schools Plus Jobs
$4,247,824.00 Tucson Convention/Visitor
$450,000.00 Job Path
$331,390.00 Downtown Tucson Partnership
$337,500.00 Critical Path Institute
$14,922.00 88-Crime

THESE ABOVE ARE ALL NON FUNDED PROGRAMS, that the M&C has chosen to fund over our POLICE and FIRE