Cronkite-8 Poll: Public Split on Brewer/Public Option

A new Cronkite/Eight Poll shows that the electorate is split on Gov. Jan Brewer, with 39 percent approving of her performance and 39 percent disapproving of her performance. Even more splitting: 40 percent of Republicans disapprove of the job she's done, while 40 percent of Democrats approve of the job she's done.

Brewer still trails Attorney General Terry Goddard, the likely Democratic gubernatorial candidate next year, in the approval ratings. The survey showed that 55 percent of voters approve of the job that Goddard has done, while 17 percent disapprove and 28 percent said they didn't know enough about him to make a call either way.

Meanwhile, two-thirds of voters want some kind of health-care reform out of Washington this year. They were mostly split on the idea of a public option, with nearly half—49 percent—saying they didn't want a public option, 44 percent said they did want a public option and 7 percent saying they had no opinion.

If you care about such things, there are also numbers for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio