The Vision Thing: Independent Campaign Donors Revealed

Everyone complains that Tucson lacks the vision thing.

This much is true: There are not a lot of people contributing to the Tucson Vision Committee, an independent political committee that is targeting Democratic candidates in the City Council election.

The committee had raised $39,000 from fewer than 10 contributors as of Oct. 14.

Roughly three-fourths of the money has come from developer Michael Goodman and Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash.

Goodman has given $10,000. He’s the mini-dorm developer who has raised the ire of homeowners in neighbors north of the university by pushing residential zoning regulations to the limit to build student housing. He has sued the current city council for passing regs that have slowed down his projects.

Ash has given $5,000 and loaned the committee $15,000. Ash also plays a starring role in the “Big Dick No. 1” controversy we reported on this week.

Here’s the latest report if you feel like looking it over: thatvisionthing.pdf

Most of the committee’s money has gone to the advertising firm Moret and Associates. The committee has run television ads attacking the incumbents as incompetent and radio spots featuring irate citizens who are unhappy with the Democratic City Council.