Kozachik Sticks With Public Safety First Initiative

Well, that was quick.

Republican Steve Kozachik, who is seeking to unseat Democrat Nina Trasoff in Ward 6, has informed us via e-mail that he plans to continue to support the Public Safety First initiative on the Nov. 3 ballot. Kozachik had said he was reconsidering his support, given that the city could be facing a $46 million shortfall next year.

Kozachik says he doesn't trust the budget numbers released by City Manager Mike Letcher.

Here's his complete statement:

It was recently reported that I am reconsidering my support of the Safety First Initiative. Given the importance of that Proposition to our community, I owe it to the voters to make my position clear and unambiguous so that they may make an informed decision in the upcoming election. Early balloting begins this week. Thus, the burden shifts to me to clarify my stance on Proposition 200.

Before the first Proposition 200 petition was circulated early this year, I had committed