Best Salsa

Guadalajara Grill

The salsera (that's what the salsa-makers are called here) will approach, pushing a plastic cart. On said cart: white onions, cilantro, red-pepper flakes, garlic, roasted jalapeños, salt and the salsa base (containing smashed-up tomatillos and baked red tomatoes). The salsera will start mixing the ingredients into a bowl (and we always recommend requesting more garlic, unless you are on a date or giving a speech in close quarters afterward). Then, she'll take a pestle and beat the mixture into submission, before adding in the cilantro and placing the bowl on your table. You sample the salsa with a chip or two; the salsera makes additions, if necessary; and you start pigging out as the salsera moves on to the next table. Don't forget to tip!

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