Police Dispatch



AUG. 6, 9:12 P.M.A

A 15-year-old boy took on threatening tendencies after being ridiculed by a male acquaintance, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The subject's mother said that when her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend arrived home from Red Lobster that evening, her son started verbally sparring with them on the back porch. She said she heard her son screaming and calling both of them names; after the fight escalated to an intense degree, she saw him grab some knives and wave them around, telling the boyfriend, "Look, look at the knives I have. ... I'm going to stab you. I'm going to cut you up and throw you over the wall!"

When asked how many knives her son had been holding, the subject's mother said she believed it had been all of the knives in the house—approximately five knives of the same size.

The subject was apprehended in his bedroom, rummaging around in a drawer. He no longer possessed any knives, but a massive metal pipe was stuck down his pants, and a large hammer was found in his front pocket.

The subject admitted that he had gotten angry at his sister's boyfriend for making fun of him; the boyfriend had allegedly called him a "problem child." The subject also admitted that he had threatened to murder the boyfriend, but insisted he hadn't meant it.

His sister and her boyfriend both said they feared for their lives.

The subject was arrested for domestic violence and disorderly conduct.



AUG. 21, 1:07 P.M.

A mysterious man's odd pickup lines terrified—not attracted—the apparent object of his affections, a University of Arizona Police Department report stated.

The victim, a young female student, said she had been at the university's Main Library that morning when she was approached by an unfamiliar male. The male looked at her and approvingly told her that she had "a small waist" and that he would "like to show her around Tucson." Though it was obvious she was not interested, he reportedly would not leave her alone; he later gave her a library card that had "let's be best friends" written on it. She told him bluntly go away, but he approached her yet again a few hours later. She would not speak to him.

The victim said she did not want to return to the library ever again for fear of seeing the man. She was advised to call law enforcement if she did, in fact, see him.