Dread to Delight

As I headed off to Evanston, Ill., last weekend to help put on the Alternative Journalism Writers' Workshop, I was dreading the trip.

Yeah, I was looking forward to seeing some of my friends in the alternative-newsweekly world, but ... damn, I am busy. My plate is full, with Best of Tucson® production, the Tucson Area Music Awards and all sorts of other stuff heaped on top of it.

Plus, I was feeling guilty about dreading the trip. Thousands of talented journalists across the country—including dozens here in Tucson—have lost their jobs in recent months, whereas my company was not only keeping me employed, but sending me (and a co-worker) on a trip to the Chicago area ... and I was dreading it?!

It's an interesting feeling to come to the self-realization that you may be a bit of an asshole.

Anyway, I am back from Evanston, and I couldn't be happier that I went.

For two days, I was able to talk journalism—to break away from the daily rigmarole and examine our so-called craft, talking about things like journalism ethics and how our work can change our communities for the better—and it was absolutely refreshing.

So, yeah, I am pretty much exhausted, and my plate's still too damned full. And, yeah, I still feel like a bit of an asshole. But I feel much, much better about my job and life in general. Good stuff.