The Party's Over?

State Sen. Jonathan Paton was delighted to hear Monday that Gov. Jan Brewer had signed a bill eliminating partisan elections in the city of Tucson.

“I am very happy because I feel like in 2011, candidates are, for the first time, going to have to appeal to everyone in their wards instead of just a narrow minority,” Paton says.

Paton, a Republican lawmaker, may have succeeded in eliminating one of the barriers that GOP candidates have in winning in the city of Tucson, where Democrats hold a commanding voter-registration advantage.

But Ward 3 City Councilwoman Karin Uhlich, a Democratic who may harbor mayoral ambitions in 2011, says she believes the city should challenge the new law in court if City Attorney Mike Rankin believes there’s a legal foundation.

We'll have more in this week's Tucson Weekly!