A Little Dali, A Little Disney = Destino

An animated short that began in 1945 (but didn’t premiere till 2003) will finally make it to DVD by next year, along with a documentary about Dali and Disney's history together.

The film, Destino, began as a collaboration between the two artists and ended as a seven-minute long love story of Chronos and his ill-fated longing for a mortal female. While Dali started working on storyboards in 1945, the studios’ financial troubles from World War II put the project on hold. In the late '90s Disney, animators took another look at Dali’s storyboards, but only 18 seconds of Dali’s original animation remains (the turtle people at the end).

The idea of Dali and Disney together seems like an odd cultural leap, but the 2003 result is beautiful.