Things to Do

Some housekeeping this week ...

• Mark your calendars: The Tucson Area Music Awards, aka the TAMMIES, will be going down this year on Thursday, Sept. 3. Details to come.

• Several weeks back, we announced that Adam Borowitz, our City Week listings coordinator/Noshing Around scribe, was going to be leaving us to move to San Diego. Well, we're happy to announce that his move will not be happening after all, and that he'll be staying with the Weekly.

To the more than 160 of you who applied to take Adam's place: Thank you. I wish I had the resources to hire a lot of you; there's a ton of talent out there.

• While Adam's sticking around, Alex, unfortunately, is not.

Alex McGrath, our editorial designer for the last 2 1/2 years, is unfortunately leaving the Weekly late next week. (He's moving out of state. I believe a woman is involved.) He's got a ton of talent and is a nice guy to boot; he'll be missed.

• Finally, consider this your friendly reminder that our Fiction 84 entry deadline is rapidly approaching. Here's a recap: We're challenging you to write the best story you possibly can—but it can only be 84 words long, tops, not counting the title. We'll be using the word-count function in Microsoft Word, and if you're over—by even one little word—we'll discard the story. (No cheating with a ridiculous title, either!) Entries are due Thursday, July 9; thanks to those of you who have already entered.