Police Dispatch

He's a Super Creep

San Xavier Beat

Aug. 5, 7:54 p.m.

A family of women were extremely disturbed by a male neighbor who spied on them, spewed profanity at them, photographed them without permission and—perhaps worst of all—forced them to listen to Insane Clown Posse music, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies responded to the home of a mother and two daughters, who told them their neighbor has bothered them since they moved in 10 years ago. They were "creeped out" because he watched the daughters in their yard, prompting them to extend the height of a wall between their properties.

The mother said they'd all been doing yard work when the neighbor drove up and, apparently upset about the wall, yelled that they were "bitches" and started taking pictures of them over the wall. The mother took a video of the neighbor yelling obscenities. One deputy noted the man was also blaring "very vulgar music ... by a band by the name of Insane Clown Posse." The chorus of the song played was a repetition of "I'm going to fucking kill you."

The video also showed the neighbor photographing the women with a flash camera, then saying to the mother, "I'll see you at your work" in a menacing way. The mother explained that the neighbor had basically been stalking her. One time, while she was working at Walmart, she saw him hiding "between some clothes watching her." That was three years ago, explained the mother, at which time she'd reported the incident to the Tucson police.

When one deputy went to the neighbor's house, "the band ICP was still playing." The man said he'd only photographed the women "in retaliation" for them photographing him, and he'd only yelled at them because they'd "egg(ed) him on."

Asked what kind of music he was listening to, the subject said "possibly 96.1 KLPX"—to which the deputy responded, "I listen to KLPX myself, as I like classical rock music, and I know for a fact that they do not play (a) vulgar type of music on that station."

Finally, the man admitted he'd been listening to the Insane Clown Posse, which he and his son both liked. He denied telling the mother, "I'll see you at your work" and said the women were "trying to get him into some type of trouble." The deputy said he didn't think anyone would extend their wall just to taunt their neighbors.

Deputies arrested the man for disorderly conduct and threats, advising both parties to stay away from one another, as either party could seek an order against harassment.