Tuesday Night Music Club

Tuesday night live music shows are the Ferris Bueller to my Cameron: I know I'm going to have fun and see things I've never seen before, but my motivation just isn't there.

Plus, it just feels wrong.

I'm content at home on Tuesday night after a nice workout, but it keeps calling me, and calling me until I come out. It makes me feel guilty...

And when I do inevitably come out, much like the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", I see things you don't get on a regular music night:

* Since Tuesdays are off days for bands playing (or having just played) big music venues like LA or Austin, Tucson is a perfect destination for some of the best (not biggest) bands to pick up a gig while they're on the road.

* Tuesday is not a party night. The audience actually pays attention to the artists and their music. No hipsters, loud talkers, or drunk college kids to contend with. And the bands return the favor by actually interacting with the audience.

* If you're a music lover of all genres, you're treated to something unique and (dare I say) artistic.

* Local restaurants are open (unlike a Monday) and crowd free. I had one of my best meals in months last Tuesday at The Cup (mmmm, pork medallions in a creamy pecan and date sauce).

* Few people are out, so it's like having your own private concert from bands that have been and will be playing in front of hundreds of people on the weekend.

If you don't believe me, I submit as video evidence below my last two weeks of Tuesdays at Club Congress, where I was treated to a Cat Power-like performance by Jenny Owen Youngs, a Ben Folds Five with a twist by Jukebox the Ghost, and literary rap/hip-hop with a conscience at Haiku D'Etat.


Tonight's challenge, should I choose to accept it: The Detroit Cobras at Plush at 11 p.m.

A quote from All Music Guide on Plush's Web site:

"While plenty of acts in the current nuevo garage universe strive to capture the lean, funky snazz of classic R&B sides, the Detroit Cobras have a different way of going about it than most - instead of trying to write songs that sound like vintage soul tunes, they just dig up vintage soul tunes you (probably) haven't heard of and infuse 'em their own brand of guitar-based swagger..."

I just need to watch out for Principal Rooney in the morning.