Jan, Guv Jan, We Need an Official Rock Song

Jan, uh, Guv Jan, this here economy stinks, and you and your fellow 'publicans don't even get along anymore, so here's an idea taken from the page of Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry.

Today, Henry is expected to sign an executive order that names the Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize?" as the official rock song of Oklahoma. There was a contest, and the Lips beat out The All-American Rejects, Leon Russell and The Call—although I can't believe Leon Russell didn't kick some ass.

And sure, those musicians come with their controversy. One Lips member wore a T-shirt with that there hammer-and-sickle communist symbol, and the state House of Representatives therefore rejected them. The OK guv vetoed the House vote, and now there's a ceremony and the band is printing hammer-and-sickle shirts for the occasion. That's got to be good for their economy.

So Guv Jan, why not have a contest of our own? It's just what we need to get our minds off of border politics, swine flu and those pesky Democrats who make the budget process all too realistic. Rock 'n' roll, as they say, ma'am, can save our souls and maybe even save Rio Nuevo.

May I be so bold as to offer the first suggestion: Calexico. Yes, I know they are rooted in Pima County, that Southern Arizona domicile of all things hippie and crazy, as Antenori likes to say. But take a listen to "Alone Again Or." And while I can't promise there won't be a little controversy—after all, Joey, John and the boys might wear plaid guayaberas for the occasion—you can't go wrong right now with our own diversion.

Come on down and hear for yourself this Saturday, May 2 at the The Rialto.