Free Roxana Saberi

1383/1240445585-phpm6b9depm_1_.jpgMedill School of Journalism students put together a Web site for American journalist Roxana Saberi (photo by Eustacio Humphrey of ZUMA Press), arrested in February and recently convicted of spying in Iran. Saberi is 31, and is a freelance journalist with dual citizenship; she's worked for NPR and the BBC. Saberi is expected to start a hunger strike tomorrow.

The Medill connection? She holds her first master's degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, with her second master’s degree in International Relations from Cambridge University. She is currently working on yet another master's degree in Iranian studies and international relations. The Committee to Protect Journalists reports that in 2008, Iran was the sixth-leading jailer of journalists.

To help release her, Medill students are asking folks to Officials in Iran need to know your concern for Roxana Saberi and your desire to return her home, and while she is in Iran to have a fair appeals process.

Write to:
His Excellency Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee, Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran
622 Third Ave.
New York, NY 1007