Phelps Slips By Economic Woes: Bring Brownies (edited)


Where is Pima County's stimulus package?

Word on the street is that some folks in Pima County Development Services are getting the ax next Friday the 13th. Great day to always associate with losing your job. While California state employees are being asked to take furloughs, and the UA is contemplating the cost-saving measure, one has to wonder when furloughs will arrive in Pima County. My county-employed husband and I have thought about what we'd do if he was furloughed --like showing up at my mom's house every day just around dinner time. I'd also put together a long list of errands my husband can do on bike to save gas. Seriously: We are making furlough plans.

So while we're all thinking about the economy and making plans for days off we'd rather get paid for (no worries; this house feels lucky we both remain employed), how did I miss the news that Michael Phelps got caught smoking out from what looks like a pretty nice high-tech Olympic bong? Bongs look that nice now days?

Talk about furlough: Phelps got dropped by Kellogg's, and McDonalds is thinking he's a bad influence.

Yet, think about how McDonalds has benefited from going 24-hours--they are making a nice profit from some late night munchies.