Cuvee, Other Restaurants Are Closed

Adam Borowitz, our Noshing Around writer, reports:

Cuvee World Bistro, at 3352 E. Speedway Blvd., has closed as of Sunday, Jan. 4, according to a recorded message left on the restaurant's voicemail by owner Robert Bossardet. "I want to extend my sincere appreciation to the entire city of Tucson, to all of our guests, to all of our friends, to all of our supporters," Bossardet said in the message. "Unfortunately, the economy turned out to be stronger than us." Opened in 2003 by Mitch Levy, who owns and operates another Cuvée World Bistro in Basalt, Colo., the restaurant was purchased by Bossardet in late 2007.

Also recently closed: Coffee Point at 2721 E. Speedway Blvd., and the Happy Iguana (3030 S. Sixth Ave.)

This. Economy. Sucks.