Egyptian Lover, 21 Pump Street

Club Congress, Friday, Jan. 30

The night started out with some cold cans of beer
chilling at the show of a hip-hop pioneer
21 Pump Street was the first band to play
can you guess? I thought they were ... dumb
pre-recorded music for the most part
Milli Vanilli already perfected that art
the front man actually sang, but I wish he didn't
I knew their whole shtick in less than a minute
an occasional guitar lick or tambourine
was added to the recordings on the machine

I see white people dancing ... I see white
people dancing ... I see / I see ... I see / I
see ... I see ... I see / I see ... I see ... white people ... DANCING!!!

All these crazy kids embarrassing their mothers
Clif Taylor summed it up: "But can they get a brother to bother?"
Matt McCoy spun some tunes before and between
he dug deep in the crates if you know what I mean
the night was getting long I had to get up early
then finally he appeared all dressed in black and looking burly
Egyptian Lover was in the house he came to get down
he laid it down thick and strong and blasted T-Town
As Afrika Bambaataa is to the East Coast, The Egyptian Lover's to the West
Dr. Dre and Ice-T both emerged from his nest

And the beat goes boom ... And the beat goes boom ... And the beat / the beat ... the
beat / the beat ... the beat ... the beat / the beat ... the beat ... goes ... BOOM!

Well EL showed why DJs needed two turntables
not just to make song transitions easy and able
but sometimes to effect a call and response
and then break it off all up in your chonch
he did many tricks on his 808
and showed off his skills of scratch cut create
he played most of the hits and if his show I had to rate
it weren't good meaning good, but bad meaning great