Police Dispatch

Three Kings of Mischief

East Sunrise Drive, Dec. 18, 1:29 a.m.

A trio of high school students nearly ruined two trashcans, and possibly more, in an unconventional attempt to show their Christmas spirit, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The reporting deputy was dispatched to Catalina Foothills High School, 4300 E. Sunrise Drive, and spoke with the school's night security guard, who reported that some students were apparently trying to cement a Christmas tree into a trashcan. When the guard came out of the school earlier that night, he said, he saw three male individuals in stocking caps and coveralls--probably juniors or seniors--in the main courtyard mixing cement in a plastic trashcan using bottled water. A 6-foot-tall Christmas tree had been positioned upright with rocks in another trashcan nearby, which the security guard guessed they were going to fill with wet cement to make it impossible to remove the tree. Near the young men was a can of red spray paint, whose specific purpose was unknown.

Upon seeing the security guard, the subjects fled, apparently taking off in all-terrain vehicles parked in the dirt on the west side of campus.

The spray-paint can and water bottle were dusted for fingerprints; the reporting deputy mentioned the possibility of obtaining images from the school's security camera.

Who Needs AAA when There's PCSD?

South La Cañada Drive, Green Valley, Dec. 21, 2:54 a.m.

After allegedly drinking six beers while driving to visit his girlfriend, a man not proficient in basic car repair was distraught to find himself stuck in Green Valley, a PCSD report stated.

Two deputies responded to a "check welfare" call in which communications described a Spanish-speaking male in Green Valley crying hysterically about having a flat tire. The reporting deputies encountered a male subject standing next to a silver Nissan Sentra bearing Sonora, Mexico, license plates. He had red, watery eyes, and there was an empty six-pack of beer on his car's floorboard; the floorboard was wet--possibly from the beer. The vehicle's front driver's-side tire appeared to have hit a curb or median.

One deputy interviewed the subject, who admitted to drinking the six-pack that night; he said he was trying to get to his girlfriend's house, which was on Country Club Road. Asked where he believed he was at the moment, the subject responded that he was somewhere in Tucson, possibly approaching Country Club. The deputy informed him that he was, in fact, far from Tucson, on La Cañada Drive south of Continental Road in Green Valley.

While one deputy spoke with the subject, the other deputy changed the subject's tire.

After a breathalyzer test revealed that the subject's blood-alcohol content was .168, he was taken into custody.