On Business

Things that need to be said:

• A big thank you to everybody who sent in a submission for next week's Obama Issue.

After I used this space last week to make a special pitch for submissions from visual artists, you came through, big-time--and I really appreciate it. In fact, we were so inundated with submissions in the last week--of both the writing and drawing/painting variety--that we will not be able to include all of the submissions in next week's print edition. However, we'll get in as much as we can--and I can promise you that the Obama Issue will be a keeper.

Thanks again, everyone. Tucson Weekly readers rock.

• In much-less-happy news: You'll see that in this week's Noshing Around, the first two items concern restaurant closures. Three words: This. Economy. Sucks.

Take this newspaper, for example. Print-edition readers, ask yourselves: When was the last time you picked up a 56-page Weekly? I've been here for six years, and we'd never even come close to such a small page count until the last couple of months arrived.

While the Weekly's continuing existence seems safe for now, I fear that the same can't be said for a lot of other businesses out there--and, as sad as it is, we want to pass along news about the closings of restaurants, clubs and other institutions here in the Old Pueblo. That way, readers have a chance to say goodbye to businesses on their way out, and we can keep our listings and directories up to date.

In a similar vein, if you know of any businesses opening in this economy, we most certainly want to know that, too. Got info? Call 294-1200, or e-mail me by clicking the little envelope next to my name in the byline above.