The Presidency Illustrated

Geeez, all that bad news about layoffs and bailouts and Brewer taking the reins. Lucky for you TWinkies a certain editor gave me the keys to this little ride. He may have been a bit high on the hollandaise sauce is all I can figure. Before I begin let's get something clear, spell-sheck is for wimps. This is the "texting" generation, spell-check is soooo 1990s. With that said, let's roll.

Men that have held the highest office in the land have always been the inspiration of artists. Whether through feats of good or evil these mighty men have led painters and illustrators to express themselves by pushing their little colored pencils and brushes around and making, uh, art. If you didn't see any, you can certainly imagine what imagery Little-King George inspired. Nothing better sums up the Bush presidency than the graphic piece (of poo) promoted by Madeyouthink invited supporters of their idea to download, print, and distribute these little Bush flags. Participators were to return with digital images of their work for posting on the site.

Bush poo

Obama by Dan LaceyPresidente Obama, on the other hand having done little other than get elected, has inspired master works worthy of saints and mythical gods. Maybe it was the extra-lengthy campaign period or the disastrous Bush presidency, something compelled artists to create quite a few notable endeavors. Of my personal favorites was the work of artist Dan Lacey. You may have heard of Lacey, he's known as the "Painter of Pancakes", mostly because he paints famous people with pancakes on their head. He's done 'em all too, Bush, Putin, Hillary, Palin. But when it came to Mr. Obama, Lacey decided on this approach.

The symbolism is rich. Obama rides home his message of hope and progress, mounted nude on a hugely-horned unicorn. Anyone else rather not see our president represented as shirtless beefcake?

Just for a bit o' balance, these are other notables. First a piece by Afro-futurist Corinne Stevie. Lovin' the First Lady's outfit in this one. Thank the gods for not giving us another First Lady with a schoolmarm-ish fashion sense.

Obama by Corinne Stevie

Totally digging the street style (yes, it's okay to call it "street") and dig the First Lady standing in front of Mr. Obama. The hand-holding, the microphone, the lime-green tie, great stuff!

Then there's this touching oil painting by Katelyn Sack. This one's just cute.

Obama by Katelyn Sack

Yet another fave of mine is a poster design by Carlos Ramirez and Armando Lerma, known as The Date Farmers. The Coachela, California, based duo wasObama by Date Farmers

commissioned by Upper Playground to design this poster to be distributed in Texas prior to its primary election this past March. Obama looks pissed on this rendition, but perhaps it's the Mexican-revolutionary style that appeals to me.

What was your favorite piece of Obama inspired art or design? Let's see some links!