Cemetery Tour A No Go

Ignore our TQ&A this week. Bill Delfs (Mr. Grievesley RavenHearse) called yesterday to say the Evergreen Cemetery Halloween Tours have been cancelled. He didn't sound too happy, and after reading the morning daily I can understand why. But I still don't understand why the event was cancelled. Evidently some folks called and complained the tours were disrespectful to the dead and another excuse was lack of reservations (although it was reported they had 65 reservations so far - and I know we were planning on going this weekend).

I finally talked to Bill this morning. Evidently he received a call from a woman whose son is buried at Evergreen and she was upset about the tour. Bill said he felt terrible and didn't want to go on with the tour if it was going to hurt someone. The woman felt the tour would be dark, and while Bill tried to explain that wasn't the goal since they were working hard to make sure it was family friendly, he felt terrible and decided to cancel.

As for the dead - I just don't think they really care that much. We have a relative buried at Evergreen - E.D. Herreras - an architect who became the city's first Mexican-American city engineer who is credited for saving San Xavier Mission and with his brother Andy coming up with a technique to save some of the historic adobe buildings in the Tucson barrios. He seemed to be a cool guy and the only reason he's buried at Evergreen and not at the Catholic cemetery next door is because his wife was not Catholic and he wanted to be buried next to her. I understand she was a hoot, and I heard lots of family stories about her getting into a brawl in the ladies room at the Chicago Democratic National Convention in the '60s. Sounds like someone I wish I got a chance to know.

So, see, there is history at Evergreen... Perhaps they can pull it off next year.

If you have wee ones that like science the Flandrau is hosting five days of Halloween fun that started yesterday.

"Each night of the event offers something a little different, including a haunted asteroid cave, hands-on science activities, slime, telescope viewing, liquid nitrogen, and brain science, foggy bubbles, live sky shows in the planetarium, glow science, arts and crafts and more. There will also be plenty of treats and trinkets and a special Halloween gift for kids wearing costumes."

Flandrau: The UA Science Center is open 4 days a week - Thursday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with evening hours on Friday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. The science center is located on the northeast corner of University Boulevard and Cherry Avenue on the UA campus.

May I also recommend via our 7-year-old: Valley of the Moon, Screamers at Breakers (He loved the voodoo room), and Nightfall (the manimal lab is very cool - we went through it five times... yes five times). Yes, obviously Halloween is our favorite holiday. I'm sorry the Evergreen event isn't going to happen... perhaps next year. Happey Scares!