So Palin What

The husband comes running out of the shower this morning, once again predicting gloom and doom come the November election.

McCain had just announced his VP pick: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

"See, I told you Obama should have picked Hillary. I knew McCain was going to pick a woman, and Obama is going to lose the election."

So as I'm mumbling over my computer that I think he's wrong and to leave me alone--typical morning conversation in our home--I come across the video I posted above.

If these are true Hillary supporters pissed about Hillary not getting the nomination or not getting VP, then they should please, please, vote for McCain, become a Republican ... and stay far, far away ... nut jobs.

Actually, I was thinking about locking the husband in a room with them just to see him leave screaming, "You're right... you're right."

While I admit I’m not always right, I like being right.

While this election is historic in many ways, it has been one strange trip (locally as well). I understand friends who don't care about politics. There isn't a place for them in this crap, they insist. They don't vote. They don't think their vote is counted, or that in reality, these politicians don't make a difference in our lives. They see that the line between Republican and Democrat is blurry lately, pretty blurry (just think about all those Democrats in office who voted for the war-- when many of us thought they were crazy and didn’t see any clear evidence of WMD).

At times I think they are right. But my family has always enjoyed politics and believed that certain candidates could make a difference in their lives. I grew up watching the Democratic National Convention. The show and pace, those crazy hats, faces crying as the candidates and other pols speak--I loved it all.

But there's one thing I really missed this year--I missed not having roll call. I missed the disorganized spectacle with all the state signs and different people yelling into the microphone on the floor. "The Great and Growing-Dryer State of Arizona ... home of Janet ... home of those Wildcat Devils ... home of mutant cacti and crazy politicians ... home of border crimes and border injustice ... proudly nominates ..."

I missed that.

I'm also not scared of Palin, but, sure, as I told the husband to go to the other side of the house and leave for work, I wondered.

Could he be right?