Project White House: And Away We Go!

The roster is set for Arizona’s Feb. 5 presidential primary—and we're excited to announce that half of the candidates on the Democratic ballot are participating in Project White House!

One-third of the the candidates on the GOP ballot are also participating in PWH.

For those who came in late: Project White House is Tucson Weekly's first Reality Journalism contest. Presidential candidates—including 12 of the 24 Democrats on the ballot and eight of the 24 Republicans—are competing not only to win the primary itself, but also to capture the coveted Tucson Weekly endorsement.

And since placement on the ballot was determined by drawing lots, Project White House contestants snagged the top slot of both ballots. Sandy Whitehouse of Vail—who says her last name is her best qualification for the office—is atop the Democratic ballot, while James Creighton Mitchell Jr. of Illinois is the first name on the GOP ballot.

"I plan on starting at the top and remaining there," Whitehouse said. "I am ready to rumble!"

We're sorry to say that paperwork problems prevented some of our would-be candidates from making the ballot. For example, an application from Jim Anderson, owner of the legendary Meet Rack saloon, appears to have been rejected

And regular readers may remember Daniel Kingery, who is campaigning for the presidency as he travels the country—and lives—in an ancient Crown Vic. We told you a few weeks ago about how Kingery once transformed a New Hampshire junkyard into a stripper performance venue to resolve some zoning issues.

Well, Kingery called last week to let us know he was told by staffers at the Secretary of State’s Office that they were rejecting his application because he had listed "Willcox" as his street address. Guess being homeless in America means you’re not welcome to run for president in Arizona.

It sounds kinda unfair, but when it comes right down to it, we reckon that if you can't manage to properly fill out a two-page form, you're probably not quite ready to take control of the Free World.

Check back regularly for more details on Project White House!