Democrat for Oien

Republican Lori Oien, who is running against Democrat Rodney Glassman for the Ward 2 City Council seat that voters will decide Nov. 6, sent out a mailer this week touting her support from Democrats for Oien.

The honorary chair of the organization is former Ward 3 City Councilman Jerry Anderson, who served one term from 1997 to 2001.

Anderson says he’s supporting Oien because “overall, she’s a better person for the job. She’s been involved in the community for several years in neighborhoods and MADD.”

Anderson admitted that when he was on the council, he had a heated run-in with Glassman when Glassman was trying to convince the City Council to buy his family’s ice-skating rink. “Who didn’t?” Anderson asked.

But Anderson denies that’s the reason he lent his name to the Oien campaign.

“I’m not one to hold a grudge too much,” Anderson says. “It was a messy situation back then, but again, I think I really looked at both candidates and thought Lori was going to be a better representative of the community."

Asked what other Democrats were members of Democrats for Oien, Anderson drew a blank.

“Names are escaping me,” Anderson said. “I should know them. I guess I’m going to strike out on that one.”

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