Radio Moves

Media Watch dude John Schuster says changes are afoot at KCUB AM 1290, aka The Source. (Full dlsclosure: John does UA pregame and postgame shows on KCUB.)

1290 AM pulled the plug on Mike Rapp and Betsy Bruce this morning. Both are Tucson radio veterans: Rapp has worked in the market since his collegiate days with KUAT dating back to 1979. He's probably best known for his days as part of the Mike and Tyler morning show tandem at KLPX in the '90s. He also teamed with Tim Tyler at Rock 107.5 FM, also owned by Citadel, but when Citadel tried Opie and Anthony, they repositioned the pair. Tyler is working the morning shift now as Opie and Anthony have been relegated to 3 a.m., and Rapp moved to the morning show on 1290.

Betsy Bruce was part of the Mojo and Betsy morning show team that had its strongest run in the late '90s and early 2000s. She has been in this market for well over a decade as well.

1290 is moving Glenn Beck to mornings. They'll also run him in the afternoon slot until further notice.