Who Watches the Watchmen?

I mentioned earlier that David Gonzales, U.S. marshal for Arizona, said over the weekend that the justice system is "just absolutely crumbling" under the weight of illegal immigration cases.

Gonzales made the comments at last weekend Investigative Reporters and Editors conference up in Phoenix, where he joined Paul Charlton, the U.S. attorney for Arizona who was forced out as part of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' purge*, on a panel to talk about immigration stories.

One other point both men made: When you're hiring Border Patrol agents by the thousands, you're going to have corruption problems.

Case in point: A crew of National Guardsmen have been busted smuggling illegal immigrants into the U.S., according to the Associated Press:

Three National Guardsmen assigned to the Texas-Mexico border were accused of running an immigrant smuggling ring after 24 immigrants were found inside a van that one of them was driving, a U.S. attorney said Monday.

The three, arrested late Thursday and Friday, were arraigned Monday on a federal charge of conspiring to transport illegal immigrants.

*Can we call it Gonzo's purge? After all, he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that he couldn't remember a thing about it.