AZ Kids Can't Get No Love From the Heat

When I moved to Arizona 8 years ago, I noticed that there weren’t any kids playing in theneighborhood streets in the summertime, much unlike my native state of Indiana. 

Then it became apparent to me that adults, not just kids, also have a tough time lasting in these summer highs of 100-plus, and thus resort to indoor (and often less wholesome) activities.

That might explain why the popular Nintendo Wii is impossible to find in the state of Arizona. A Best Buy employee told me this morning that all Best Buys in the state are currently sold out of the addicting video-game system, as areCircuit City and all other stores which would normally carry the Wii.

It’s safe to say many Arizona kids are currently ditching the heat and rotting their brains on bowling and fighting simulated games. Here’s looking at our future!