This just in from AAA Arizona: The price of gas in Arizona continues to climb, nearing record levels. The good news: Down here in Baja Arizona, our average prices are the lowest in the state.

Currently in Arizona, the price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.079 per gallon, a four cent increase from last week. Arizona’s current statewide average is less than two pennies from last summer’s highest fuel price of $3.094 per gallon and five cents less than Arizona’s all-time retail high of $3.131 per gallon. Across the nation, drivers are paying an average of $3.037 per gallon, which is also an increase of four cents from last week. Drivers in Flagstaff broke their retail fuel record on Tuesday with $3.221 per gallon, but have since dropped to $3.192 per gallon. Tucson drivers continue to hold on to the lowest fuel price in the state at $2.984 per gallon.

Good thing The Range’s summer vacation will be by plane and train, not automobile. And how about you? Is the price of gas encouraging you to drive less? Explore our recently beefed-up bus service? Or maybe put down a deposit on a Smart Car?