A New UA Journal

Last week, a fellow by the name of Gabriel Matthew Schivone e-mailed me:

Enclosed is a breakthrough issue of a new literary and politic journal on the University of Arizona campus and the surrounding Tucson community.

As an unfortunate Catch-22, we are proudly the only alternative media on the University of Arizona. And, we are now seeking reviews for our April edition. Whether a one-word review, one-line or a-few-lines, it would help our efforts in getting off the ground, showing what the Weekly thinks of our work.

I sent him a note offering to post the whole issue of Days Beyond Recall on this very blog; he said that would be a swell idea. So here it is: March Final.pdf.

Contact info for Gabriel can be found inside. So Gabriel gets the credit: The Weekly has nothing to do with this. We're just posting as a service to y'all.