Your Monday Morning Battlestar Galactica Update

The final Friday night gathering of the Viper Crew gave mixed reviews of the mid-season finale of Battlestar Galactica. Athena and I gave it a B; Helo gave it a gentleman's C, and Crashdown, who had never watched an episode before, appreciated all the hot chicks. Which, IIRC, is why Tortillas loves BSG, too.

There's still lots to love about BSG. Loved the start to the season the political overtones of New Caprica. Loved watching Baltar learn his way around the Cylon disco. (The choices Gaius is making now--oh, so bad. Baltar! You're terrible!) Loved watching Starbuck fall to pieces and pull herself together and fall to pieces all over again. She's so fraked up!

But the last few episodes, while they've had great moments, have felt disjointed. Miss the smooth storytelling of the earlier seasons. Miss the political intrigue, which seems to have been shortchanged recently. And miss Chip Six!

Here's hoping for a great second half when we make the move to Sundays next month.