Million-Dollar Starbuck

Though I never had a doubt, my Viper crew was a little skeptical about the promos for last night's Battlestar Galactica episode, "Unfinished Business."

"Boxing?" Athena asked.

"That sounds stupid," added Helo.

Oh ye of little faith. "Unfinished Business" was centered around a series of bloody boxing matches, but the real meat of the episode was found in the flashbacks to life on New Caprica, where we learned, among other things, just what went down between Apollo and Starbuck that led to all those harsh feelings on display after that little jump in time at the end of last season. It was a meditation on bad choices, missed opportunies, lost love and all that heartbreaking jazz. You couldn't help but feel so sad about Lee and Kara, left with nothing to give one another except brutal and punishing blows in the ring, until that final, weary embrace and moment of raw honesty.

I remain eager to see what's up with Baltar's new, complex relationship with D'Anna and Caprica Six, particularly D'Anna's erotic indulgence with recreational suicide, but a visit to the Cylon Basestar would have been a distraction from the powerful storytelling we saw last night. BSG, with all its exploration of what it really mean to be so flawed and so human, remains my favorite hour of TV these days.